Who's Coming

Nuke Permata Sari

“I have been working for CEO SUITE since year 2012; 14 years; and still counting.

I was started my carrier path with CEO SUITE as sales manager. At that point of time; CEO SUITE has only 2 centres in Jakarta and 2 centres in Malaysia and Singapore.

We have been growing to 5 centres in Jakarta and 13 centres in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Beijing, Bangkok, Manila, Seoul and Hanoi; total 18 centres in Asia.

I am now holding the position of Country Director Indonesia; my area of expertise is in General Management.

Predominantly a women team with a combined industry experience of over the years of devoted hospitality, CEO SUITE number one priority has always been a hands-on management focus on client details our clients concerns always taking first priorities. To remain the best, and to continually grow from good to great, we take each brand new day as a fresh challenge and opportunity to maximize and intensify our clients satisfaction and experience. We ensure we are always in the best locations, invest in luxurious facilities and the latest technologies to offer our clients best value for their money, but we believe our most valuable strength and asset lie in our sincerity to deliver the highest quality of services to each of our clients.