Who's Coming

Katherine Jernstrom

I cofounded the coworking space, The Boardroom. I’m fairly good at most things but not great at anything (except spending other people’s money. My dad calls me a socialist, my husband wonders how he got so lucky). I started drinking bourbon and riding a motorcycle (not at the same time, helmets ruin everything) because it looked cool. Turns out that’s because it is cool. I can fly through most books in a sitting but that’s because I’m into the “young adult” and “science fiction” genres. I like to enter competitive athletic races with good intentions.

I grew up in Seattle and Holland but moved to Alaska 7 years ago with my husband. I have a BA in communications from the University of Washington and an MA in public administration from the University of Alaska. I’m managing partner for a (very small) VC fund in Anchorage, and the janitor/costco shopper/ceo of The Boardroom. I also helped launch the state’s first accelerator and I serve on the board of several startups and nonprofits. When I’m not making dreams come true you can find me hiking with my dog Sadie, traveling with my husband Greg, or brewery hopping by bicycle.