Who's Coming

Josh Rencher

Josh is focused on the intersections of marketing, tech, personal growth, community, and innovation. As CEO of Globalcentric, a digital firm specializing in SaaS startups, his core objective for more than 20 years has been to enhance the global communication space through innovations in new media and emerging information technologies. He has previously held leadership roles with Hosting.com and Playboy Entertainment, and he has a degree in film production from UCLA.

Josh stumbled serendipitously into the coworking movement in 2014, fatigued by the facelessness of e-commerce and driven by a growing desire to connect with like-minded people closer to home. He is currently the founder and principal at Ironfire, which offers workspace, community, and accelerator-like programming to the emerging startup ecosystem in Long Beach, California. Josh also curates CoworkNews & @coworknews, providing daily breaking news about the global coworking industry.