Who's Coming

Jak Ollett

Jak is a cofounder of Habu, the new kid on the block for coworking hub software! However, Jak’s anything but new to flexible workspaces & coworking, having been integral in setting up the awesome Hamilton House – a creative hub Bristol, UK – back in 2008. The experience & insights from this led to developing Habu.

The Habu vision is all about enabling coworking hubs around the world do what they do best: creating brilliant flexible working spaces that support innovative & collaborative communities. Our focus is on providing the tools that make managing workspaces an all-round beautiful experience! Habu is simple, elegant, day-to-day software for the whole team designed to increase both memberships & revenue.

Habu is currently in beta, so come & have a chat with Jak if you’d like to find out more!