Who's Coming

Gerald Smith

In 2014, after observing the rapid-growth of Coworking, Gerald launched the brand Plexpod. Plex meaning multiple units and Pod meaning a protective housing. He converted an existing 25,000 square foot facility he owned into a state-of-the-art Coworking center which reached capacity within four months. Plexpod is currently expanding into multiple locations, including what is expected to be the world’s largest Coworking facility at 360,000 square ft in Kansas City, MO.

The Plexpod model is unique in that it provides extensive member-resources within its facilities such as game rooms, fitness center, coffee shop, brew lab, cafe & grocer, bicycle repair, and what Smith coins the “Digital Maker Space” which is a fully equipped professional soundstage, recording studio, video production, and coding labs.

Best known for fostering a culture of innovation, Gerald built his companies while riding the digital wave of the 90’s and 00’s. He has spent 25 years consulting international brands in marketing, publishing, and creative communications through a unique method of blending strategy, creativity, and technology,

Gerald is a musician, golfer, and avid photographer. His entrepreneurial tendencies emerge in a wide variety of ways, including riding a Harley Davidson from the tip of South America back to the USA as a charitable fundraiser. His travels have taken him to more than 100 countries, including volunteering at many of the global disaster response sites over the last three decades.

Gerald has served on a multitude of boards and committees for philanthropic efforts. He is a lifetime member of the Media Communications Association International (MCAI) and served on the regional Board of Governors for the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s). He has enjoyed a variety of awards for his work including Telly, Addy, Aurora, and BMA awards. Gerald holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Business and was the recipient of an honorary Doctorate in 2013. He and Dianna have four children and reside near Kansas City.

You can connect with Gerald on Twitter, Instagram, & LinkedIn @GeraldSmith.