Who's Coming

Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson is CEO and founder of Untangled Solutions, his motto, “We untangle technology” has catapulted his company on to the go to short list for medical practices, Coworking spaces and other small to mid-size businesses across the United States. With more than fifteen years of experience in IT services and web development, he specializes in helping small businesses make strategic IT decisions that improve how productively run their coworking spaces and profitably manage their business.

With dual comfort zones of knowing IT and delivering strategic counsel regarding how technology can maximize business performance and ensure efficiencies, he provides invaluable expertise to his clients, proven by Untangled Solutions’ continuous growth.

A thought leader in his industry and a desire to “give back”, Chris is the current Vice Chair for CompTIA’s IT Security Community, an active CompTIA Ambassador and is the former chairperson of the Healthcare IT Community.