Who's Coming

Bill Jacobson

Bill is the Cofounder/CEO of Workbar. Back in 2009 Workbar – Boston’s first coworking space – started as an experiment. Will enough like-minded people come together to form a vibrant office community? Over the years Workbar has expanded, opened multiple locations and weaved our way into the fabric of New England’s entrepreneurial community. These days Bill and Workbar continue to create great places to work that bring the ideal office to you – high quality, convenient, affordable and populated by a friendly mix of motivated professionals.

Bill began working as a software engineer at MIT/Lincoln Laboratories after getting an electrical engineering degree from the University of Michigan. Since Lincoln Labs his work life has been a string of start-ups. Beginning in the mid 90’s Bill cofounded a database marketing company called Interstep. In late 1999 it was acquired by CMGI. Bill’s latest business prior to going full-time at Workbar was PickupZone, a package pickup service, which in 2012 was acquired by ShopRunner.