5 ways to promote your coworking space!

Posted on November 23, 2016 by Stormy McBride in Beginnings, Community, Coworking, Coworking Trends, Sustainability

As they say, the earlier the better! If you’re planning to open a new coworking space in 2017, NOW is the time to formulate your promotional plan.

According to DeskMag’s GCUC Global Coworking Survey Presentation 2016, two in three coworking spaces start their promotion at least a few months before opening. The higher the investment or the bigger the space, the earlier the promotion needs to start before opening.

Here are 5 tactics to consider:

Highlight the surrounding area: Entice prospective members with businesses in the area. Show them what restaurants and bars are nearby where they could spend their lunch breaks or grab drinks with colleagues for happy hour. Folks who value their daily dose of fitness will be interested to hear about the 24 hour gym up the street or the yoga studio next door.

Host events at your space: Use your space for more than just coworking and make meeting people at your space more than just about business. Host events like happy hours, holiday vendor markets or maybe even a dating event.

Promote your Members: Show your members some love by promoting a recent business win of theirs or conducting a Q&A with one of your new members explaining what they do. Chances are, they’ll share your posts with their own networks who will then see their association with your co-working space.

Focus on one or two social media platforms: Utilizing social media is an effective and cost efficient way to promote your new co-working space. Don’t spread yourself too thin though; rather than be on every social media platform out there, select one or two to dedicate your efforts to.

Offer a limited number of Free Days: Give potential members a chance to see what they’re missing by offering a limited number of free days. Let them get a feel for the space, the members and the local area. We say “limited,” because you don’t want people using just these days instead of paying for a membership.

Get planning!

*Statistics taken from DeskMag GCUC Global Coworking Survey Presentation 2016.