GCUC is the largest coworking conference series in the world and, just like the coworking industry, we don’t follow the rules. We’re constantly evolving and reinventing ourselves. This year, we’re taking things to a new level. We’re excited to announce that GCUC and the Alliance Network have partnered up…forming a Juicy Alliance that has lots in store for you and 2,499 more people this 2016. Yup, you read that right and if you did the math right, you know that we’ll be hosting 2,500 (probably more) attendees through conferences in Canada, the US, South America, Australia, China, and a surprise location.

So get your thinking caps on and meet us in the City of Lights May 3rd-6th for four jam-packed days full of keynotes, an unconference, a camp, networking opportunities, panel sessions, exclusive insights, food, drinks, and a party (it can’t all be work and no play). New to coworking? We’ve got you covered with our camp. Want to grow your brand? We’ve got the experts with insights to get you going. Just curious about coworking? You’ll end up loving it…and us!

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See You In Los Angeles